The Moment MH370 ended

At this moment, I have no words to describe the feelings of #MH370 passengers’ and crews’  families and friends.
The moment the sentence began with ” With deep regret and sadness……” mentioned by our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak in the press conference which was held at 10p.m.( Malaysia time zone), my heart sank. My mind was thinking “Oh dear, this could not be something good.” And yes, it turned out to be a bad news where Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 ‘ended’ in the Southern Indian Ocean. Ended? Does it mean that it could not be tracked? Or does it just disappear with just a word ‘end’? From that moment onwards, I was trying to put myself in the shoes of the passengers and crews’ family members’ shoe. I could not imagine the moment when their loved ones was informed about such a tragic news which they have been praying for miracle to be happened since the very first day. The saddest thing is that they do not see and touch the bodies of the victims and here came the news.

The reason I tried to put myself in the situation is due to my last accident which I felt thankful, and still feeling thankful. I am not being a drama queen by hoo-haa-ing on how sad am I for the victims’ family members and friends. Here I am to refresh the accident that I had. I was on a construction site visit for a handover of a project I was handling. When I was approaching the exit in less than 100m, a freaking huge roll of fire insulation fell from a height of 4m and hit on my neck and back. And it was just 1 and a half hour before I logged off from work!I was shocked for a moment and thought that my colleague was hurt. Without realisation, I felt a pain after that. I was the one being hit and not my colleague. I suffered pain and dizziness. I was like “Oh my god, luckily it was something soft instead of something hard, like a brick?” As long as I am still alive. thank God!
I have only shared my feelings of the accident with someone. Honestly, the feelings was indescribable. It just like when you are playing Mario game and he is still alive after being attacked. This is the metaphor that I could think of at this moment.
Thoughts such as “What if it was something hard that hit on me? What if I was dead during working hour? How will my family accept such a tragedy in such a sudden moment? What if I could not accomplish what I have been planning for? What if I have a long wishing list waiting to be ticked off?”
Yes, there were so many  “What ifs” popping and playing in my mind. It made me teared uncontrollably. What made it worse was my short term memory loss. It was something that tested my patience.

This is my first time sharing my thoughts and feelings of the accident. I could understand how sad and distraught will the victims’ family and members friend are.

Be grateful in the PRESENT. Not the PAST, not the FUTURE.

R.I.P, MH370.

Besos. Chiaoz.

Live Life to the MAX

jump for joy

Hi, welcome to the year of 2014!
I have been procrastinating to blog since the 1st day of 2014. I prefer to be one of a kind which is to blog after 54 days from the beginning of the year.

Dayre has been my blogging companion since my last trip to GuangZhou, China in January. I am still figuring out my nerdness as am only able to post something with max of 500 words. At least it’s more ‘friendlier’ than 140 words, nuff said.

Here’s a short capture of my kinda lucky yet unlucky year of 2013:-
I tendered my resignation letter and went for my 1st ever backpacking experience which was a life lesson to me. Money can’t buy me such an incredible yet meaningful lesson. Ok larh, I did spent quite an amount of money for that trip. I did get a job after my trip, I do rebel with a limit, sometimes.

I travelled to few places for the 1st time namely Jeju, Seoul, Shanghai and GuangZhou. Thank God for the translation app which was quite useful in Korea. I even used the translator to ask for extra bowls in a local restaurant in Jeju.

Luck was not on my side which was exactly on the lunar day of Mid-Autumn Festival. I got into an accident on the construction site. A huge fire insulation rolled fell and hit on my back while I was leaving the site. Doctor gave me 2 weeks of MC and I started to get bored after resting for 3 days. It has reminded me that there’s always a limit in work.

Ended the year with a good trip with my buddies and more parties.

Looking forward to a better year ahead.

xx Live life to the max xx

Reaching the end…stucking half-way in China

Oh time flies! Approaching 8 days to the end of 2013.
Smack me for remembering my blog after reading revel-in-me latest post. Everyone is mingling about holidays, parties and resolutions. While I am still stucked with my post for Korea trip.
I think I have been making empty promises to post about Philippines trip since ‘n’ years ago until the Korea trip and thus, nothing realised after I came back from China TWICE!!!!*Screaming and pulling hair*

Okie Dokie. My 1st ever picture in winter.
IMG-20131209-WA0023 Visited this beautiful beach in early of December in China. I am not a winter person so it was quite a challenging trip for me in the beginning.
Thank God I was well-prepared…for my clothing this time compared to the previous trip in Shanghai during spring.
The sandy beach is so beautiful and it feels like a bed of …roses?
Ok I shall cut off the crap.
The view is amazing, of course. It made us felt more like acting in a Korean Drama.

20131205_153122The scenery reminded me of the beautiful view in Sabah.I could imagine how does it looks like in winter, minus the snow.

And I spotted a cutie pie Christmas tree!
IMG-20131209-WA0040Pardon  the blurry picture as the ‘photographer’ couldn’t get the focus point in his camera due to the cold weather which is 5 degree Celsius.

I was glad that I managed to catch up with Frankie! He’s one of my bestest friend from China during uni time. We met after 2 years as the last time was during our graduation. We went for the traditional ShangHai XiaoLongBao for breakfast on a Saturday! Oh my, I can’t recall when was the last time we had a meal together.
So much to update each other! I guess I asked the most questions compared to him. Am always curious, as usual!
He was patient enough to entertain all my questions! One good thing is, I get to know more about his culture and lifestyle in Shanghai.A stroll together is totally a good memory to keep as we will not know when will we see each other again.
I love the beauty of the city although it was quite foggy to catch a glimpse at The Bund.
20131207_110058Hi, Uni mate!
20131207_101509The foggy view @ The Bund.

love the how the flowers bloomed along the street at The Bund.

20131207_105454 20131207_100223

Captured this while Frankie walked me back to the hotel.
I am a nerd in remembering direction.I have been pointing many ways of the directions back to hotel but none was right.
Frankly speaking, I was kinda ashamed of my nerdy-ness.
I am glad that we could meet up in such a hectic schedule.Ending this post with a winter #ootd.


A good time, ShangHai Tang!

Annyeonghaseyo Jeju Island!

Writing a blogpost on my birthday eve reminds me of the good time I was having 3 years back.
My all-time uni gang gave me a surprise in my dorm at 12 sharp midnight while I was doing my International Law assignment enthusiastically. The rhythm of “Happy Birthday” came from the doorstep and I got a shocked. Silly me.

This year am turning 25. I have lived a quarter of century.

I shall do no  ’nagging’ about how much have I been through in this 25 years.

On my previous sneak preview of my Korea trip, I am supposed to blog more about it.
Yes, after travelling back from Guangzhou, Shenzhen and Shanghai, here I am to continue about my 1st trip ever to Korea, unexpectedly.

The flight to Korea took us about 7 hours and we had to take the domestic flight from Incheon Airport, Seoul to fly to Jeju Island.
The whole ‘flying’ thingy has eaten up almost 12 hours for us to arrive at our destination.
A tiring one,of course.
20130815_045026I was delighted to see the sunrise while having in-flight breakfast. A beautiful one but I couldn’t capture a nice view of it due to the over-exposed background.

Upon arrival at Incheon Airport, my curiosity on Korean cosmetic surgery arose.
I was stunned that the staff at the check-in counter looks like a cosplay character.
And I took a beautiful picture of her quietly.
And I love how thoughtful the Koreans are as a shuttle bus was provided to transfer us from the departure hall to our plane without walking miles away.
The only thing that I remember the best was the start of our coffee marathon upon arriving in Jeju.
We met up with J and grabbed a cup of coffee at the airport.
20130815_112656 The taxi driver looks super glamor with his bling bling steering and his magnetic mobile phone holder.
Spotted Ramada Plaza while we were on our way for lunch.
It looks like Hyatt in Manila without the colorful lighting.
I am talking about the casino, of course.
It was my first time stepping into an authentic Korea restaurant.
It was quiet as we were kinda late for lunch.
Guess what we had for lunch???Abalone porridge!!! It costs RM45 for a bowl of porridge. That was the moment I was thinkign that living in Korea is a ‘high-maintenance’ thing.
We were surprised to see so many live abalones in the aquarium while leaving the restaurant.
I have never known that Jeju is famous with its abalone until I tasted and seen it.
Along the way to our resort, I realised that there’s a touch of the Taiwanese in the design of their buildings.
And the climax is approaching, the infamous sea view in Jeju! I was so excited when we were reaching the edge of the island as that is something you must see when you visit Jeju Island!
The weather in Jeju was not that welcoming as the temperature reached about 32 degree celsius.
Totally summer!
We settled down at The Springhill Resort which is a short distance away from Joanne Bear Museum.
I have given the resort a cool description, “The Miami Resort” because of the swimming pool and the exterior design.
And here’s a beautiful view from our unit to end the post.

I shall continue in the upcoming posts.
Too many pictures to share with.


September, y u no good to me?

I am hoping someone will wake me up when September ends.
Being a semi-superstitious Asian, the 7th month in the Lunar calender is always a month that brings bad luck as it’s the “ghost month” where the souls would come out to play!
After the 7th month, it comes the mid-Autumn month where the lady luck sticks on you. However,  things happened upside down on me, instead.
I got into an accident at the construction site a week ago.  People around me have been thinking what the heck do I do there. It’s because a minor part of my job involves in it, nuff said.
I was lucky to be hit by a soft object from a 4meter high location. Am totally thankful for being lucky as I’m still alive!

The progress of sending me to the hospital was a drama! The ambulance arrived after I was struggling for 45mins. Based on my previous accident 7 years ago, I learned to be conscious no matter how difficult it was.
My colleagues were on their way too to come to my rescue. The ambulance arrived just ahead of them. When we reached at the entrance of the GH A&E, my colleague was well prepared to ‘kidnap’ me to the medical centre.  And yea, the 2nd journey to the private hospital.  I was so relieved when we reached our destination, like finally.
After all the scanning was done, I was admitted for observation. 


Spending time in the ward was super bored, what made it worse was the date itself!  It was the exact day of mid-autumn festival!
See, the little symbol is so cute!
The accident happened just an hour and half before I could leave for home and got myself all excited for KL  trip with Nic,  aunt and my twin nieces.
I had to admit that it was just my luck!


Special delivery by S and she has improved so much to be meticulous!
You go girl!

I’m grateful that I have S and lovely colleagues who accompanied during my stay and provided me with yummy food instead of sick food.

I was granted a 2 weeks MC by the doctor but I don’t seem to rest 24/7 due to my job and datelines are approaching.

2 days to go and I’m done for this month.

Oh ya, Nic got me a saving bank for not making it to the trip.


She said:’ This is for you to save your money and fly to UK!’
Such a lovely message.

Next month is the month for celebration and holiday!

Virgin White Water Rafting

It’s such a shame when I read about Maria‘s blog on her update about our white water rafting experience!
I have saved this post as draft for almost a month but yet to have time to post about it as I’m SOOOO occupied by my job.
I still love it even though sometimes it ‘snatches’ my personal time.

I was proud of myself that I overcame my aquaphobia when I decided to take this challenge- white water rafting.
It was a totally spontaneous plan when I just got back to my dorm. I was asking Maria about her plan for the next day and gave it a quick click without thinking twice. Of course I did do some survey with her about water rafting after deciding.

GOPR2937 The organizer arranged our transportation to the white water rafting destination. We went all the way up to Tamparuli hill and the scene did scare me off as it looks so steep AND I WAS THINKING DON’T DIE K!
GOPR2940 Thanks to Maria for her waterproof camera!


The water was calm at the beginning. I was relieved. However, after about 100m, I could see how strong the water was gushing and yet I was scared again. I tried to hold on to our boat as tight as possible to avoid any fracture if accident was to be happened.
Thank God that everything was fine!
GOPR2956 Oh yeah, we had a so-called swimming pool for us to swim!
Everyone on the boat was so reluctant to jump into the water after a scary session.So, Maria and I led ahead of the others and braved ourselves to swim.
The water was calm. After a certain distance, we were floating to the gushing end and it started to scare me out!
I tried to calm myself and swim to our boat.
Maria and I led ahead to swim but we were the last ones to get to our boat.
It was a difficult time for us to swim so hard as the wave was so strong. And for the 1st time, I felt how unity can strangers be.
We have people from Australia,Korea, Sweden and Malaysia!

Hello, can you see me behind of Maria????


Victory and Unity, baybeh!!!!





Buffet lunch was served and we had grilled lamb baybeh!

I always make my trip a significant one whenever I go.

Great experience!